Demon Slayer-Kimetsu No Yaiba, Chapter 204


Kimetsu no Yaiba will be ending on Chapter 205 (Issue #24) with a Color Page & 24 pages.

Time has passed, and the world has become one without any demons

3 months later, the cherry blossoms are blooming at the butterfly estate

The last pillar meeting is held

Demon slayer corps breaks up

Looking up at the cherry tree in the butterfly mansion’s garden stands Kanao. Tanjiro is there too.

That particular cherry tree was planted by the very first Breath of Flower Style Swords(wo)man. The name it was given is Hisshou (Victory is certain).

Kanao wants to tell Tanjiro that wish has come true while Tanjiro watches the tree and thinks so himself.

Kanao keeps watching the cherry tree, but she cannot see a single thing anymore.

It is revealed that Kaburamaru is now with her. It is the Wind Hashira who decided that after the Snake Hashira’s passing.

There is a scene where Yushiro and Chachamaru join Tanjiro and Kanao.

Tanjiro: Yushiro-san, please don’t die now. You’re the only one who can keep the memories for Tamayo alive for a long time/forever.

Yushiro ignores him and leaves in silence.

Tengen Uzui and his three wives and Rengoku’s father, as well as little brother, arrive for a visit.

Rengoku’s father thanks Tanjiro for using his son’s flame sword guard and going to war with him.

But Tanjiro turns the situation around and thanks to him from the bottom of his heart because it was Rengoku’s words that lead him to where he is now.

In the Butterfly mansion’s corridor, Nezuko encounters Sanemi. For some reason, Nezuko is very cheerful.

Sanemi: It seems like all kinds of bad shit happened after I pathetically collapsed. Looks that guy was messing around, but I was asleep during all of it.

Nezuko: Ahahahaha! It’s fine, it’s like I was asleep for two whole years!

It is revealed that Nezuko was in a sleep-like state during her demon time and [Sanemi projects Genya on Nezuko.

] Sanemi pats Nezuko’s head smiling. He is fine now. Nezuko’s is getting excited/her heart is racing.

In the background, you see a seething Zenitsu.

Giyu and Sanemi hold a Hashira Meeting by themselves.

There are tons of cameos of old characters.

Tanjiro, Nezuko, Giyu, and their teacher unite.

Inosuke stole some food, but Aoi notices him right away.

Inosuke wonders how she could notice him so quickly…

Is she perhaps super strong? Aoi tells Inosuke to eat this if he gets hungry again.

She points at a tray full of rice balls she made personally and exclusively for Inosuke.

He stares at her confused as she walks away. He immediately eats the rice balls with a huge smile.

The chapter title is “A Demonless World”.

It seems Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inoskue, and Zenitsu pay respect to all the fallen soldiers before they go home.

Also, I think it’s implied Zenitsu buries his grandpa next to Tanjiro’s family and he has a lot of jokes in this chapter.

Tanjiro can move his left arm, but he is not capable of feeling anything below his left elbow.

His right eye is not functioning anymore either.

He did apologize for (trying to hurt and) hurting so many people,

but Nezuko simply replies: You think anyone cares about that? Next time you apologize I’ll smack your forehead and send you flying.

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